Brentwood Lawn Care

brentwood lawn careBrentwood is one of Tennessee’s most beautiful suburbs with picturesque homes and lush greenery. At LawnWise, we intend to keep at that way with professional Brentwood lawn care services as well as landscaping and tree care.

LawnWise is dedicated to providing quality lawn care in Brentwood in addition to stellar landscaping, pest control, and mosquito control services. When you choose LawnWise for Brentwood lawn care services, you are contracting skilled professionals that take pride in the maintenance, health, and appearance of your lawn. We provide free lawn evaluations and will determine which one of your programs will suit your lawn the best.

Rooting Out The Problem

LawnWise offers three Brentwood lawn care programs and we will recommend one to you after performing an extensive evaluation of your lawn.

Many people resort to picking out weeds by hand when they notice them but this is obviously isn’t an effective solution as you’ll pick one out today and notice three more in the morning. Weeds are definitely hard to ignore and at LawnWise, we treat the root system to effectively eliminate them. We created our lawn care programs specifically to reinvigorate your lawn’s root system which makes it harder for weeds to thrive. Herbicide treatments are included in all of our lawn care programs for extra peace of mind.

Environmentally Friendly Fertilizers

LawnWise takes pride in keeping the lawns of Brentwood green and we feel the same way about the environment. We use natural, bio-nutrient fertilizers to elevate nitrogen levels in your lawn without using harsh chemicals and pesticides. Considered safer than regular fertilizers, bio-nutrient fertilizers are eco-friendly and not harmful to pets.

Brentwood Lawn Care Service Programs

Depending on the state of your lawn, we can recommend one of our three Brentwood lawn care programs:

  • LawnWise Basic includes natural lawn fertilization as well herbicide treatments that can prevent future weeds from growing and herbicides that eliminate any current weeds in your lawn.
  • LawnWise Plus matches everything in basic and kicks it up a few levels by implementing seeding and aeration. The seeding introduces new types of grass to your lawn and the aeration loosens up soil that is compacted.
  • LawnWise Premium is our most complete program and includes all of the above plus fungicides to help deter and treat the ever so common Brown Patch disease.

Give us a Call for Lawn Care in Brentwood

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