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Bright green lawn in front of a white house, maintained by lawn care Nashville services.LawnWise is a locally owned and operated lawn care company that’s dedicated to providing customers with high-quality services. In addition to our Nashville lawn care services, we also offer top-quality landscaping, pest control, and mosquito treatments. We offer only the best services to keep the lawns of our customers bright, healthy, well-maintained, and pest free. If you are in need of our Nashville lawn care care programs, a member of our team will complete an evaluation of your lawn, and from there, we will recommend one of our three lawn care programs that is the most optimal. Rest assured, the of professional team at LawnWise are thorough in every endeavor they set out on. 

We understand that a lush, vibrant lawn is the pride of any Nashville homeowner. That’s why our comprehensive lawn care programs are designed to cater to the unique needs of Middle Tennessee lawns. Whether you’re dealing with stubborn weeds, patchy grass, or invasive pests, our team has the expertise to transform your lawn into a verdant oasis. With our commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction, LawnWise is your trusted partner in achieving a picture-perfect lawn all year round.

Effective Root Treatment – Weed Control

Garden and grass weeds are a pesky problem that presents itself in the front and backyards of every home. To remedy the problem, many homeowners will set out on a mission to remove the weeds by hand, however, this course of action is only a temporary fix. Oftentimes, you have to dig deeper to get to the root of the problem, which is exactly what the team at LawnWise does best. Our team of lawn care experts gets to the source of weed issues: the entire lawn’s root system. Our lawn care services in Nashville were created specially to treat the root system in order to prevent weeds from resurfacing. With our professional services, your lawn will be radiant and free of weeds.

In addition to weed control, we offer a range of comprehensive lawn care services, including fertilization, aeration, and pest control, ensuring your lawn remains healthy and vibrant year-round. Trust our experienced team to handle all your lawn care needs with precision and care, so you can enjoy a beautiful, weed-free lawn without the hassle.

Natural Fertilization

At LawnWise, we like to keep it green, which is why we never used harmful chemicals and pesticides in our Nashville lawn care services. In every job we take on, we provide eco-friendly solutions that yield the highest results. We even use a bio-nutrient fertilization method in all of our fertilization jobs. Bio-nutrient fertilizers are safer than your ordinary fertilizer since it’s pet-friendly and doesn’t pollute the environment. At LawnWise, we want to give back to our environment by keeping it beautiful with our chemical-free approach to lawn care.

Our Nashville Lawn Care Programs

After our team evaluates the state of your lawn, we will recommend either our Basic, Plus, or Premium lawn care programs:

  • The Basic Lawn Care Program provides your lawn with bio-nutrient fertilization and herbicide treatments for current weeds. We also perform treatments to prevent weeds from growing in the future.
  • With the Plus Lawn Care Program, your lawn will be treated for everything. This is included in the Basic program, but for the Plus Lawn Care Program, we add an aeration and seeding process which allows the tightly compacted soil to be loosened. This is beneficial when introducing new types of grass to your lawn.
  • Our Premium Lawn Care Program encompasses all of the above and even includes the application of fungicide, which prevents and treats Brown Patch disease. Brown Patch disease is very common in Tennessee during the summer months.

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