Spring Hill Lawn Care

spring hill lawn careSpring Hill is a unique city as it is a part of both Maury and Williamson county in Tennessee. Spring Hill, like many other places in Tennessee, is comprised of beautiful residential areas and lush greenery. At LawnWise, we are fully committed to keeping this beautiful city green with exceptional Spring Hill lawn care and pest control services.

We take pride in providing professional lawn care services in Spring Hill as well as landscaping and tree care.  Our commitment to keeping lawns green, healthy, and maintained in addition to our  dedication to ensuring our client’s satisfaction is what separates us from your average lawn company. At LawnWise, we provide free lawn evaluations in Spring Hill and we can suggest one of our unique lawn care programs that will get your lawn back in the green.

We Strike At The Root – Weed Control

We offer three separate Spring Hill lawn care programs and we can recommend one that is ideal after conducting a through lawn evaluation.

If you’ve been picking weeds out of your lawn only to find another one pop up somewhere else, contact us. Weeds on a lawn stick out like a sore thumb and there is truly just one effective way to eliminate them: treating the root system. All of our effective lawn care programs were specifically crafted to reinvigorate the root system and this in turn makes it a lot harder for weeds to return. Our programs don’t stop there either, we will also treat your lawn with herbicides as an extra layer of weed protection.

Only Natural Bio-Nutrient Fertilization

At LawnWise, we believe in keeping things green by using the most green products. We use bio-nutrient fertilizers to naturally augment your lawn with nitrogen without using harsh pesticides and chemicals. Bio nutrient fertilizers are eco-friendly, safe for pets, and is considered to be less harmful than  run-of-the-mill fertilizers.

Our Spring Hill Lawn Care Programs

Our three Spring Hill lawn care programs are Basic, Plus, and Premium. Our programs are catered to the needs of your lawn:

  • The LawnWise Basic Program is comprised of multiple herbicide treatments before weed germination (pre-emergent) and herbicides for current weeds on your lawn (post-emergent) as well as natural lawn fertilization
  • The LawnWise Plus Program takes the Basic Program two steps further by adding aeration and seeding two enhance your lawn. The Plus Program focuses on breaking up compacted soil while introducing new varieties of grass to your lawn.
  • The LawnWise Premier Program is comprised of everything from Basic and Plus but adds effective fungicides to battle Brown Patch disease which is common during Tennessee summers.

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