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franklin lawn careFranklin is one of the most populous cities in Tennessee and is the most populous in Williamson County. Known to be one of the more prosperous cities in Tennessee, Franklin is comprised of beautiful homes accompanied with green lawns. We want to do our part in keeping the city beautiful by providing quality Franklin lawn care services.

LawnWise is trusted, experienced, and dedicated to offering the best Franklin law care services as well as quality landscaping, pest control, and mosquito treatment services. Our team of experienced and skilled professionals are wholly committed to preserving and maintaining your lawn with our exceptional Franklin lawn care programs. After a through evaluation of your lawn, we will recommend one of our three lawn care programs that is the most optimal.

Addressing the Root Cause

Removing weeds by hand is only temporary fix to a major underlying issue as it doesn’t address the real problem. Leave the weeds to professionals at LawnWise and stop wasting your time. Our team of lawn care experts get to the source of weed issues: the entire lawn’s root system. Our Franklin lawn care programs were crafted to treat the root system so that annoying weeds stop surfacing on your lawn.

Green Lawns and a Green Environment

Keeping lawns green doesn’t have to involve harmful chemicals and pesticides. At LawnWise, we like to provide green, eco-friendly solutions and for this reason, we only use bio-nutrient fertilization methods. Bio-nutrient fertilizers are safer than your ordinary fertilizer as it is friendly to pets and doesn’t contaminate the environment. These fertilizers add some much needed nitrogen to your lawn in a natural manner.

Our Franklin Lawn Care Programs

After we evaluate the state of your lawn, we will recommend either our Basic, Plus, or Premium lawn care programs:

  • The Basic Lawn Care Program provides your lawn with bio-nutrient fertilization and herbicide treatments for current weeds as well as treatments to prevent weeds from growing in the future.
  • With the Plus Lawn Care Program, your lawn will be treated to everything included in the Basic program but also adds aeration and seeding that allows tightly compacted soil to be loosened as well as introducing new types of grass to your lawn
  • The Premium Lawn Care Program encompasses all of the above and includes fungicide application that can prevent and treat Brown Patch disease. Brown Patch disease is very common in Tennessee during the summer months.

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